About Nui

We are a team devoted to supporting student-athletes' mental health, on and off the field. Our primary mission is to deliver a curated mental health app containing essential items and resources to foster mental well-being, aid stress management, build resilience, and facilitate overall emotional balance. Nui is also developing a comprehensive app that will provide interactive tools and resources, equipping student-athletes with on-the-go assistance.

The motivation behind Nui's initiative is the unwavering belief that mental health, like sports, is a team effort. The company stands by the mantra, "Healthier. Together." championing the concept that collective support and shared understanding lead to a stronger, more vibrant community.

Healthier. Together.

Julie Korioth is on a mission to change how people think and talk about mental health -- because open, honest communication helps people heal.
Following a personal journey with mental health, Julie founded Nui, inspired by a deep-seated desire to support others who may be wrestling with similar challenges. The name, 'Nui,' reflecting 'big' and 'huge' in Hawaiian, encapsulates our vision: to effect substantial change in mental health, particularly among the young generation. After many conversations with athletes and coaches, Julie realized this area needed attention and was experiencing profound distress. Research has shown that nearly one in three college athletes experience symptoms of mental health issues. Moreover, as a parent of two children, Julie witnesses the immense pressure young individuals endure, especially within competitive arenas like select teams. Nui is committed to alleviating this pressure, dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health, and equipping these young individuals with the resources they need for their mental well.
Today, Nui offers some essential items Julie says she wanted while on her emotional healing journey: a thoughtful collection of tangible tools to nurture emotional wellness and a source of inspiration through personal discussions of hope around mental health.
Julie lives in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas, with her two children, whom she adores. She spent many years as a board member for SIMS, a non-profit serving music professionals experiencing mental health issues. Julie also holds an undergraduate degree from Texas State University and a Master of Arts in counseling from St. Edward's University.
"When I was at the lowest point in my life, I couldn't read, I could hardly write, and some days, I couldn't talk. I also wanted to know if things could get better. When I heard other people talk about their times of triumph, it gave me hope. That's why I started Nui." -Julie Korioth.