• Authentic, Open Speakers

    Tap our distinguished speaker network for personal stories on facing mental health challenges. Live and recorded, these stories show your people with similar struggles that they are not alone.

  • Inspiring Leadership

    Create an event to build community and spotlight wellness. Along with our speakers, we feature your leaders, because leaders engaged with their own mental health convince others to engage theirs.

  • Helpful. Trustworthy.

    Your people get easy-to-use tools, carefully selected to boost mental health and soothe the senses. A professional, licensed therapist writes a straightforward letter on why and how to use each item.


    REVIEW, workers who felt supported with their mental health overall:

  • were less likely to experience mental health symptoms"

  • were less likely to underperform and miss work"

  • had higher job satisfaction and intentions to stay at their company"

Employee Mental Health Subscription Box

Your game changer

You improve retention, satisfaction, and pride at work by prioritizing a stigma-free culture and overcommunicating the resources available.

Speak As One shares proven resources in a box of easy-to-use, curated tools, inspiration, and professional mental health support for employees.

Let us help your business put mental health first.

You know the importance of trust in business. Create it from the inside out for a long-term success. Our events and boxes are a great place to start.

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