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Trent Shelton

Trent Simmons Shelton is a former American football wide receiver who is currently the founder and president of a Christian-based non-profit organization, RehabTime.

Nate Martin

Texas State Basketball student-athlete Nate Martin opens up about his invaluable support for friends and teammates during challenging times. Join us as he shares his compassionate approach, offering insights and strategies to lend a helping hand. Discover how Nate's genuine care and understanding make a positive difference in the lives of those around him. Don't miss this inspiring video!

Davion Sykes

Graduated from Duncanville High School... Coached by David Peavy... Member of four UIL 6A state championship teams... Named to 2022 UIL 6A All-Tournament Team... Selected to 2022 All-Region 6A-2 team... Earned all-district academic honors... Member of the FCA and National Honor Society.

Jason Fox

As a former NFL player, Jason has seen firsthand how powerful music is. Players use it to warm up before games or get hyped before a big drive. It is so significant, in fact, that the Boston Marathon has outlawed it for participants, considering it a performance-enhancing drug.

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