• Open. Honest. Fearless.

    Nui is an app revolutionizing mental health support for college athletes by offering tools from self-reflection exercises to AI-generated questions, fostering peer support networks for shared experiences, and featuring personal stories from professional athletes, all emphasizing that they're not alone in their mental health journey.

  • Kind, Caring Leadership

    Spotlight positive, responses to mental health challenges and encourage proactive care in a collaboratively created event for your campus. Help today's students break yesterday's stigmas.

  • Simple. Trustworthy.

    College athletes get easy-to-use tools, carefully chosen to support their mental health through conversations and testimonials, with master classes to support them in every area that might be causing stress.

Well-being that shows

No matter what their gender or orientation, students with good mental health think, act, and feel better. That means a boost to their relationships, goals, and well-being.

Every month, athletes will have the tools, inspiration, and clear professional guidance to boost their mental health.

Put your mental health first.

Build confidence with knowledge and skills around mental wellness and learn to face the world with optimism and hope.

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